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October 7, 2021

WGI supports Dutch-German “Euregiade” sport project

How can cross-border cooperation in sport be strengthened again? And what possibilities does the concept of a “Euregiade” offer? These and other questions are being dealt with in a feasibility study “Euregiade” by the initiators of the cross-border project, the European Academy of Sports, the Hogeschool Arnheim / Nijmegen, the Willibald Gebhardt Institute Münster, the Gelderse Sportfederatie and the province of Overijssel. The “Euregiade Feasibility Study” project is supported by the German-Dutch Interreg-V-A program and co-funded by the European Union and the province of Gelderland.

In recent years, sport has always been an important factor in cross-border cooperation between municipalities and sports organizations. This exchange is currently severely affected by the corona pandemic, as daycare centers, schools, and sports clubs in the border region were sometimes closed for months and cross-border exchange between sports and cultural associations did not take place due to corona regulations. In order to counteract this development, a feasibility study is to analyze a Euregiade as a new form of cross-border exchange between children and young people, adults and senior citizens as part of a festival week with daily sports and cultural offers in selected municipalities in the Euregio. At the same time, in the second step, a new impetus should be given for people of all ages to meet in the Euregio, including all sports and cultural associations in the member municipalities of the Euregio. The Euregiade wants to actively address young and old, active and less active people. It is about a cross-border cultural festival with daily program offers spread over a week of action. Children and youth sports form program days such as grassroots and recreational sports for adults and seniors.

All 130 municipalities in the Euregio are currently being asked to participate in and assess a Euregiade using a questionnaire. The results are expected in a month and should provide information about whether a large event like the Euregiade is desired and feasible and how the municipalities can get involved. At the same time, selected representatives from municipalities, associations, economic and cultural institutions are contacted in order to collect and evaluate initial assessments and collaborations for a Euregiade. The study is carried out by the European Academy of Sports in cooperation with the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, the Willibald Gebhardt Institute Münster, the Geldersen Sportfederatie and the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland.