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On this page you can find contact information for all key players involved with the Willibald Gebhardt Institute: Executive Office, Executive Board, Scientific Board, Department Heads and Project Partners.

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Any further inquiries can be directed to the WGI Executive Office, where we’ll be happy to assist you.

Willibald Gebhardt Institute
International Institute for Research
and Knowledge Transfer in Sports e.V.

Executive Office

Horstmarer Landweg 62b
48149 Münster

Phone +49-251-83 34854
Fax +49-251-83 32399

Dr. Heinz Aschebrock

Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber
Vice President

Phone: +49 251 83-32361

Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper
Deputy President

Phone: +49 251 83-34893

Prof. Dr. Eric Eils
Vice President

Phone: +49 251 83-32468

Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger
Deputy President

Phone: +49 251 83-32360

Martin Gesigora
Vice President Finances

Dr. Sebastian Brückner
Executive Manager

Phone: +49 251 83-34854

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c Roland Naul
WGI Project Partner

Phone: +49 251 83-34854

Prof. Dr. Karin Böllert
Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Elbe
Scientific Board

PhD Jacob Kornbeck
Scientific Board

Dr. Claude Scheuer
Scientific Board

Dr. Marie-Christine Ghanbari
WGI Project Partner

JProf. Dr. Helga Leineweber
WGI Project Partner

Phone: +49 251 83-39024

Prof. Dr. Maike Tietjens
WGI Project Partner

Phone: +49 251 83-39282

Prof. Dr. Jessica Süßenbach
WGI Project Partner

Phone: +49 4131 6772790

Prof. Dr. Andrea Petróczi
WGI Project Partner

Dr. Sam Thrower
WGI Project Partner