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In 2011 the Willibald Gebhardt Institute was awarded the status as official „Olympic Study and Research Centre“ from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The last evaluation and re-accreditation by the IOC was in December 2020. As of February 2021, the WGI is one of only 46 research institutions worldwide to be awarded this prestigious status. In Germany there is only one other Olympic Study and Research Center besides the WGI, located at the German Sport University in Cologne.

For the first (2006) and second (2016) edition of the „Olympic Value Education Programme“ (OVEP) the IOC recruited the WGI as an official review partner and contributed to the collection of materials published.

So far the WGI has held four Olympic symposia focusing on Olympic Education and Olympic Movement. All four symposia are covered in respective WGI Book Series publications (Volume 3, 7, 14 and 16).


Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger
Deputy President
Phone: +49 251 83-32360