News>Results of the feasibility study “Euregiade” well received
February 9, 2022

Results of the feasibility study “Euregiade” well received

At the end of the year 2021, the feasibility study of a transnational “Euregiade”, funded by the EU and the province of Gelderland within the framework of Interreg V-A Germany-Nederland, was completed with the participation of the Willibald Gebhardt Institute (WGI). The project partners, besides the WGI the European Academy of Sports, the Gelderse Sport Federatie, the Province of Overijssel as well as the HAN University of Applied Sciences, prepared a detailed final report and a short version of their study results.

The main findings of a online survey distributed to the 104 member municipalities of the Euregio in the German-Dutch border region were already presented on Monday, 7 February, in the EUREGIO committee “MOZER – social development” and were very well received.

The idea of an “Euregiade” is to set new impulses for cross-border cooperation (in the tradition of the Euregio sports festivals of the 70s/80s) in view of the accompanying effects on the sports sector in clubs, schools and municipalities caused by the Corona pandemic. The feasibility study served as a first step to develop and analyze the prerequisites and framework conditions for a successful implementation and at the same time to already generate awareness and resonance among the municipalities.

With the help of an online survey among the member municipalities of the Euregio, the project partners were able to record the following key results. In the municipalities, the idea of an Euregiade is seen as particularly positive under the following conditions:

– Target group orientation
– Focus on traditional sports
– Involvement of local clubs
– Months of May and June for implementation

Overall, about two thirds of the participating municipalities are positive and open to the idea of an Euregiade. An Euregiade for the promotion of children’s and youth sports is seen particularly positively as a new, current cross-border impulse after the Corona pandemic. Additionally, the possibilities for new impulses for sports, exercise and culture in the region through cross-border cooperation are recognized.

Although currently 50% of the municipalities are still unsure how the Euregiade can be supported in concrete terms (1/3 of the municipalities are unable to provide financial resources and a dependable personnel infrastructure). But: The willingness of the municipalities as a multiplier in order to involve sports and cultural associations in the planning is extremely pronounced.

Next steps will be to communicate the results of the study to all Euregio municipalities and to hold information events and discussions with the Wetholders and district/city sports associations. The more concrete the implementation of the event becomes, the closer the local networks will be accompanied by a central coordination group. For this purpose, further funding from Interreg and EU funding sources should also be pursued.

The WGI, with the participation of Prof. Roland Naul and Dr. Sebastian Brückner, was able to make key contributions to the success of the feasibility study and is also involved in the further implementation steps in close coordination with the project partners and the Euregio.