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May 17, 2022

WGI hosts Korean PhD student Yoonkyu Song

Yoonkyu Song from the Korean National University of Seoul will live and research in Münster for three years as a PhD student. His visit is made possible through a three year scholarship financed by the South Korean Ministry of Science. He will be supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger from the Department of Sports Education & Sports History at WWU Münster, who is also Vice President for Olympic Studies at the Willibald Gebhardt Institute. WGI project partner Roland Naul, who has established long-standing contacts with Korean colleagues through the WGI and thus laid the foundation for Yoonkyu Song’s research stay in Münster, will also be available as a supervisor.

Thematically, Yoonkyu Song will focus his research on the German-German sports relations during the Cold War and the unification process of German sports after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification in 1989/90 – and what lessons could be learned for Korea. Regarding these historical developments, Germany is seen by the still divided Korea as a model for Korean sports policy and cooperation in the field of sports between South and North Korea.