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News>WGI Vice President Nils Neuber receives “NRW Sport Science Award”
September 13, 2022

WGI Vice President Nils Neuber receives “NRW Sport Science Award”

Early September, Professor Nils Neuber, Vice President of Children’s and Youth Sports at the Willibald Gebhardt Institute, received the “North Rhine-Westphalia Sports Science 2022” award in the “Social, Educational and Cultural Sciences” category from the President of the State Parliament, André Kuper, and the State Secretary for Sports and Volunteering, Andrea Milz. The prize is awarded every four years for outstanding achievements in sports science by a jury of renowned scientists chaired by the president of the state parliament.

“Cohesion, fairness, solidarity – the essential characteristics of our democracy, are also the essential characteristics of sport. With the state prize, we honor people whose work has advanced sports science and whose work contributes to many areas of life for the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia. I am delighted that the winners of the State Prize for Sport and Science are being honored in the State Parliament – the home of the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia,” said State Parliament President André Kuper at the festive award ceremony in the Forum of the State Parliament in front of 100 guests from the fields of sport science, politics, sports and society.

The award ceremony took place in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. The laudatory speech for Nils Neuber was held by former WGI President Professor Maike Tietjens. She emphasized in her laudatory address: “Research, teaching and transfer are an inseparable unit for Nils Neuber. As a networker and head, for example, of the NRW Research Network for Children’s and Youth Sports, he succeeds in bringing researchers together to work on sport science topics in an interdisciplinary way. With his diverse application-oriented research projects, also on current challenges such as the Covid 19 pandemic as well as increased migration movements, he addresses socially relevant topics precisely and has an impact on politics.”