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January 8, 2020

Volume 6 – Floorball: historical development and didactic structure [in German]

Andreas Franke-Thiele

With floorball a stickball game had been developed that is suitable for children according to their individual development, and that now belongs to the canon of modern physical education at school. Elements of its own speak for an integration into school curricula next to hockey and ice-hockey, and also arguments are given which explain the advantage to stickball games traditionally found in physical education curricula. The investigation of floorball as new school game consists of an analysis on three levels. On the historical and intercultural level the genesis of floorball is reconstructed and it is analysed what background for an assimilation had been in Germany. On the sport cultural and sociological level changes of movement opportunities in the environment of children, adults and at school are portrayed and linked with tragets of a future development of sport and physical education at school. With the analysis of the object “floorball” in the syllabus the subject floorball is presented from its functional point of view and compared with hockey as reference. The arguments result in a curricular format that can be used in school physical education as well as in teacher training. Floorball can be used methodically as basic game where other games and sports can be developed from. The volume comprises an extended summary in English.

ISBN 3-89124-790-7
Aachen Meyer & Meyer Verlag 2001