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July 13, 2020

School Sport in Europe succumbs to Corona Virus

On June 23, 2020 the European Physical Education Assciation (EUPEA) held an Online Conference that about 1000 individuals from around the world attended. The conference focused on data regarding the effect the current Corona pandemic has had on school sport. The data presented and discussed show that in 29 of the 31 European countries the lockdown of schools due to the Corona pandemic has resulted in sport classes being canceled without any substitute activities being offered.

Reading, writing, calculus: all these activities can – more or less adequately, based on recent reports – be taught in a Home Schooling setting. But not physical activity, games and sport, where friends and partners are missing.

Given the current situation and first assessment, EUPEA has published a slightly modified version of a position paper previously published. The text can be found here as a download. The WGI, an instittional member of EUPEA fully supports this declaration.